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The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with your purebred dog is to purchase from a responsible breeder. While GSKC does not endorse or recommend specific breeders, our members have volunteered to be listed as a potential resource.

You are contacting the names of volunteers from GSKC who are eager to put you in contact with breeders who may have puppies available. You are not calling an office, so please respect time zones when communicating with these contacts. They may be away at dog shows or on vacation and may take a few days to get back to you.

Too frequently, common sense fails to rule when it comes to buying a puppy. This seems to be even truer when the purchase is by a family with children. Buying a dog is like buying anything else; the more you know before you buy, the better off you will be. This advice applies to all aspects of buying your dog, from selecting the breed to deciding where to obtain the puppy. We strongly recommend that you spend ample time investigating before buying and listen to your instincts. Remember, dogs are a lifetime investment.

Good Signs:

  • The breeder is willing to let you visit and see all the dogs, even if there are no puppies available at the time.
  • The breeder allows you to interact with his dogs and puppies except for the shy ones.
  • The breeder sometimes uses males other than his own because he feels they may be a better match for some of his females.
  • The breeder does not have an excessive amount of litters per year.
  • The breeder has a good contract that protects you as well as himself, guarantees health, and expresses a willingness to take the puppy back if you are not satisfied. For the latter, he may or may not be willing to make restitution.
  • The breeder raises his puppies in the house or in an area where they can be easily socialized.
  • The breeder does all his health checks.
  • The breeder responds to your emails or phone calls (as long as you don’t go overboard).

Possible Red Flags:

  • Filthy conditions
  • Reluctance to invite you indoors or into the kennel.
  • Selling puppies less than 7 to 8 weeks of age.
  • Excessive bad-mouthing of other breeders.
  • A breeder who says they only breed for pets, not show dogs.
  • A breeder who says their dogs don’t need the health checks or refuses to show you any health certification.
  • A breeder who says puppies are one price without papers and cost more if you want the papers. Note: show puppies are more expensive than pet puppies, but registration applications should go with all. Pets should be sold only on a spay/neuter contract and the “limited” registration should be checked on all registration applications for pets. Some breeders elect to withhold registration applications until proof of spaying or neutering is given. A limited registration does not prevent a person from physically breeding a dog; it only prevents the offspring from being registered. A spayed or neutered dog may still compete in AKC Performance Events, but not in Conformation Competitions.
  • Pedigrees without some champions in the first few generations unless the dogs are direct foreign imports.
  • Breeders who have puppies in several different breeds.
  • Breeders who breed “designer dogs” such a Labradoodles or peek-a-poos.
  • Even if all appropriate criteria have been met, you may still feel uncomfortable. Remember, if it doesn’t feel right TO you, it is probably not right FOR you. The buyer has the right to interview breeders, just as the breeder has the right to interview buyers.

Note: for privacy purposes of our club members, all inquiries are sent to the webmaster and are filtered accordingly.

Alphabetical listing by Breed

Breed Member Name Kennel Information Website
Bearded Collies Betsy Tolley Lammermuir Beardies  
Borzois Betsy Tolley Fiery Run Borzois  
Chinese Crested Teresa Flynn Cherubian Chinese Cresteds  
Dachshunds LH Min. Elaine & Wayne Beard Hickory Dox Kennels  waynebeard7903@att.net
Golden Retriever Lynne and Martin Briggs Cobblestone Golden Retrievers www.simplesite.com/Cobblestone-Golden-Retrievers
Italian Greyhounds Mary Hewes Indigo Papillons and Italian Greyhounds www.indigopapillons.com
Japanese Chin Jennifer Baumer Megumi Japanese Chin www.megumichin.com
Papillon Mary Hewes Indigo Papillons and Italian Greyhounds www.indigopapillons.com
Siberian Husky Vern Harvey OSHVAH Siberians http://www.home.earthlink.net/~oshvah/